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After a year of testing and development, SAFE ZONEŇ. is proud to introduce another addition to our line of pool safety fence. Our new self-closing and self latching gate is designed to fit into a three foot opening. The gate is made from the same materials used in the production of our pool fence. It will fit nicely into the look or your new fence and improve the overall pool safety of your fence.

SAFE ZONEŇ's new gate is priced to be competitive. While the type of installation needed will affect your final price, your local dealer can give you all of the pricing details.

The gate is constructed using the best products available. The uprights that support the swing gate are made from the same aluminum poles used to build our fence. Each upright consists of two poles welded together in four different locations. The swing gate is made from 1" x 1" slotted aluminum. All of the parts are then powder coated right here in our own shop. We use our award winning mesh to cover the swing door. A Magna-Latch top pull latch and a set of their self-closing hinges are also included. We believe that our gate is one of the best designed and constructed gates in the industry.

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